Asset Management:
Equi-Serv is a full service real estate company that provides
services for the state of Connecticut for the Hartford, Tolland,
Windham and New London counties.  We utilize the latest tools to
market your assets with optimum performance giving you maximum

REO sales and services from the pre foreclosure to post
foreclosure. We will handle all of the field and administrative duties.
We view ourselves as your eyes and ears for the REO market place
where institutionally owned properties can be managed, marketed
and sold for their highest and best price.    

Call today let us help
you obtain your goals
REO Services:

Pre-Forclosure Services
  • Provide routine inspections
  • Maintain securing
  • Complete debris removal
  • Handle evictions
  • Handle violations

Inventory Control
  • Provide web based inventory
  • Generate management reports
  • Provide immediate status of property
  • Respond to communications with public officials
  • Manage utilities

  • Obtain appraisals
  • Review appraisals
  • Obtain BPO's

Property Management
  • Provide timely inspections
  • Securing
  • Debris removal
  • Health and safety hazard control
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Winterize properties  
  • Management of utilities
  • Placing property in marketing condition
  • Changing locks
  • Provide pest control services
  • Managing demolitions
  • Provide photo support
  • Providing continuous preservation services
  • Boarding or re-glazing of windows
REO Services cont.:

  • Enter property in the MLS system
  • Monitor market demand in support of pricing
  • Provide pricing feedback
  • Provide income analysis on multi-families
  • Offer financing available from lender
  • Regotiate sale contracts
  • Review incoming sales contracts
  • Analyze each individual asset suggesting
    market incentives and enhancements
  • Manage earnest money deposits
  • Assure proper signage is maintained
  • Execute contracts with lender with lender
    power of attorney based on specific guild lines,
    thresholds and goals.
  • Provide web exposure

  • Review deeds prepared by closing agents
  • Schedule closing
  • Track timing of sales and deadlines
  • Review settlement statements
  • Execute extensions as needed to preserve
  • Reconcile funds to lending institution
  • Provide final close out report to lending institution
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