Agent Recruiting
      Are you tired of giving up a large part
of your commission.  Then Equi-Serv may
be the place for you.  Equi-Serv is always
looking for both residential and
commercial real estate agents.  
Equi-Serv is geared to become a vital
force in the real estate brokerage market.
Utilizing the most efficient media
sources,  and by keeping overhead costs
down, we save our agents time and
money. So contact me today and get
started saving your hard earned money.
     Becoming a team member now will
give you the opportunity to be a part of this
new company, and as Equi-Serv grows, it
will need management for new
locations.  Equi-Serv will be looking to its'
existing team, before recruiting any new
members to manage new locations.  
Equi-Serv wants to give everybody an
opportunity to advance if they choose.  
Services provided to our agents:
  • Agent profile web site.
  • Standard Equi-serv forms and letter
  • Business Cards
  • E-mail address.
  • Agent listings are advertised in
    approved Equi-serv media avenues
    such as:,
  • company yard signs with agents
  • Low brokerage fee means high
    commissions paid to agents.
  • Work from home.